My Projects

This page serves as a portfolio of my favourite past, present and future projects.
Ever since I can remember, I have been making and designing new and innovative ways to do things. I have always harboured a great love for design, and will continue to do so forever more.
This website serves as a display of my completed works and all of my favourite projects.


Recent Projects

Article Image Website.

This website is my latest project, and serves as a portfolio of my completeted works, as well as being a hub for any information about previous and future projects, as well as ...

Article Image

Portable Kali Linux 'HackPad'.

This project is aimed to solve an issue that many pen-testers around the world experience, Non-portable tools, This project solves this issue by ...

Article Image

3D Printed Motorised Car.

One of my earlier, but more fun projects, is a 3D printed motorised car. This car was designed to compete in a race against other competitors and race to ...

Article Image

RGB Graphics Card Backplate.

Graphics cards, almost everyone has one. But what is one major flaw with these? Thats right, boring design. This project aims to solve this issue by ...