Driven and Experienced Developer

Development and design is my passion.
Ever since I can remember, I have been making and designing new and innovative ways to do things. I have always harboured a great love for design, and will continue to do so forever more.
This website serves as a display of my completed works and all of my favourite projects.

My Projects

Why choose Me?

I have been developing and designing my whole life and the main thing that i have learnt is that the only thing more valuabe than certifications is first-hand experience.
I have both.


Multi-Language Proficiency

My experience in developing for multiple platforms and clients over the years, has led to me becoming proficient in multiple different languages.
Javascript, C++, C#, Python, etc...


Experience in Iterative-Prototyping

I have in-depth first hand experience in iterative prototyping for design and manufacture. These skills i have found majorly important throughout all of my projects, even those which are not design focused.


Graphic & Application Design Experience

My passion, as afforementioned, is development and design. I have developed this passion through years of experience in the field, and have utilised my expertise in this field multiple times throughout my projects.


Security Analysis Experience

Security is at the forefront of design. Without secure design, excellence cannot be achieved in any field. As a modern designer, I have lots of experience in this field, and have worked on many projects where the focus is security.